On Tuesday evening, the President held a campaign rally in Milwaukee.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night explained his decision to remove the Iranian warlord and rebuked Democrats for “weakness” on national security issues at a meeting with supporters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Trump scheduled his speech in Wisconsin for Tuesday night-the day when candidates for the Democratic nomination gathered for a televised debate in Iowa.

Speaking to thousands of people gathered in downtown Milwaukee, Trump criticized the leading Democratic candidates, including Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Bernie and the radical left can’t protect your families or our country,” the President said, addressing supporters gathered at the Panther Arena.

At the same time, trump sided with Sanders in a discussion between the Vermont Senator and his rival, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren said that Sanders told her during their private conversation that he did not believe a woman could be elected President. Sanders denied Warren’s statement.

“I don’t believe Bernie said that. I don’t believe it. This is not something he would talk about,” Trump said.

Donald Trump also mocked Joe Biden, who sometimes gets confused about geography – for example, the former Vice President recently confused Iran with Iraq during a speech. The President said Biden “will not recover.”

Winning Wisconsin is a major challenge for Democrats in 2020 – which is why the Democratic Party Convention was held in Milwaukee last year. In 2016, trump won the Wisconsin election by a margin of 23,000 votes. Before that, Wisconsin was traditionally considered a democratic state.

Vice President Mike Pence attended this pre-election meeting in Wisconsin. Speaking at the start of the rally, he said that the Democratic candidates are “too left-wing” for Wisconsin.