Trump criticized the state of race relations in the United States

The former US president also called on parents to monitor the school curriculum and resist any attempts to move away from the traditional educational program.

The state of race relations in the United States is currently in a deplorable state due to the policies of the new American administration led by US President Joe Biden. This opinion was expressed by former US President Donald Trump in an article published on Saturday for the portal Real Clear Politics.

“As a candidate, Joe Biden first promised to “unite” America, but so far in his first months as president, his top priority has been to divide the country along racial and gender lines, ” the Republican said.

As an example, he cited the “critical race theory”, which is widespread in academic circles, which is a movement for a critical study of the country’s legislation from the point of view of racial issues, and also questions the general liberal attitude towards racial justice. “For decades, the America-blaming left has been pushing hard to promote a vision of America that presents our history, culture, traditions, and founding documents in the most negative light possible. In recent years, these very unnatural efforts have shifted from telling children that their story is bad to tell Americans that they are bad, ” the politician points out, noting that “inculcating generations of children with such extreme ideas <…> is a national suicide program.” In this regard, the former head of the White House called on parents to closely

monitor their children’s school curriculum and resist any attempts to move away from the traditional educational program. In addition, Trump in the article called on state lawmakers to study school and university programs and provide students with a “patriotic, pro-American education”, as well as to make sure that teacher training programs do not include radical ideas.

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