The US is not yet going to impose additional customs duties against Russia and Saudi Arabia, but it can do so if Washington is “not treated fairly,” said the US President, Donald Trump.

Trump explained that the duties “against China and other” countries brought the US “an incredible amount of money.” The US President said that he “can” use this method to normalize the situation on the world oil market.
“Do they do this now? No. Do I think about introducing them at the moment? No,” Free News quoted him as saying, referring to Bloomberg.

However, he is ready to take such measures if the US is “not treated fairly.”

This applies to both Saudi Arabia and Russia. The option of “lifting sanctions, some kind of easing of sanctions” is not considered by Trump.

He said that the “dispute” between Russia and Saudi Arabia “damages the rest of the world because it damages the energy industry.”

Trump said that the price of oil now is “like in the 1950s,” “water is now more expensive than oil.” He believes that Moscow and Riyadh will agree “quickly enough,” the market will “force” them to “stop.” Russia and Saudi Arabia are “working very hard,” the US President said.

He said that at a meeting with the leadership of American oil companies, the option of the potential application of customs duties by Washington against Russia and Saudi Arabia was considered.

US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette at a meeting with representatives of the oil industry said that the White House is not negotiating with Saudi Arabia or Russia to reduce oil production and wants both sides to agree with each other, Free News said regarding Reuters.

Recall that the media reports that American oil companies wanted to force Russia to reduce oil production. In particular, the White House is urged to consider the introduction of new sanctions against Russian companies, or the cancellation of existing ones if Russia agrees to reduce production.