The threat of foreign interference in the election campaign and the electoral process remains high.

President Donald Trump extended the state of emergency in connection with the threat to national security due to the risk of foreign interference in the elections taking place in the United States. The press service of the White House published the corresponding order.

The President signed a decree on the introduction of the state of emergency almost exactly a year ago, on September 12, 2018. The reason was “an extraordinary threat to US national security and international policy, caused by the threat of foreign interference and undermining public confidence in the elections.”

In Executive order, Trump mentioned that despite “the lack of evidence that a foreign power has changed the outcome or counting of votes in elections in the United States,” there remains a threat that any state will decide to “take advantage of the openness of the American political system.”

The main threat stems from the fact that the development of digital technologies and Internet communications allows many attackers located outside the United States to gain illegal access to the electoral system or organize campaigns in social networks to spread propaganda and misinformation, the decree says.

For this reason, the President announced the extension of the state of emergency, announced on September 12, 2018, for another year. The decree will be published in the US Federal Register and submitted to Congress.