ORLANDO – On Tuesday, the President officially launched his re-election campaign.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday officially launched his re-election campaign under the new slogan “Keep America Great.”
The crowd at the stadium in Orlando, Florida, enthusiastically chanted “USA,” while Trump recalled how his political path began: “It was not just a great political campaign. You’ve made a great political movement. It is a movement that unites people who believe that the country should first of all take care of its citizens.”

The President condemned his democratic opponents, calling them “socialists” and “left-wing” extremists and accusing them of trying to destroy his family and of neglecting his supporters.

At the same time, Trump stressed his merits in such areas as the economy, trade, and border security. “No one has done as much as we have done in two and a half years,” he said.

Trump also said the 2020 election will be the verdict for an investigation into Russian interference in the election. “This election is not just a verdict on the extraordinary progress we have made. This is a verdict on the anti-American behavior of those who tried to shake our great democracy.”
Tim Merto, Director of public relations at Trump and Pence’s campaign headquarters, stressed that the President “kept his promises.” According to Metro, Trump’s election platform will resonate not only with his key electorate but also with all voters.

“All for the prosperity of the economy. All for a strong America on the world stage. All for such an America, which we can all be proud of,” he said.
Meanwhile, the approval rating of Trump is not much more than 40 percent.