US President Donald Trump got angry at a Golf hole when he failed to hit the target during a game, TMZ reports.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Trump arrived at a club he owns in Virginia near Washington for a game of Golf. The video, which the publication posted, shows the President swinging the stick several times but can’t hit it.

When the stick hits the ball, the President, seeing that it is flying into a nearby lake, says with irritation, “Oh, shit.” And after a few seconds, he adds that he hates “this damn hole.” The publication suggested that Trump has a long history of relationships with this hole and “not so good.”

As the portal suggests, Trump could not lead during the game because he was angry about the election situation.

Trump on Thursday again claimed that the November 3 presidential election was rigged and that he won it. Preliminary data suggests the opposite – that Joe Biden has become President-elect. Although Trump does not admit defeat, he ordered the start of the transfer of power.