NEW YORK – The President of the United States Donald Trump said that the allegations of the newspaper The New York Times about the fact that the security services of the United States over the past year have become much more active than before, trying to introduce malicious software into the Russian power system, are not true.

“Do you believe that the falling New York Times published an article stating that the United States significantly increasing cyber-attacks against Russia,” wrote Trump on Twitter.

Trump added that he considers it “actually treason” on the part of the “once magnificent newspaper,” which is so desperately in need of “any sensation, even if it harms the country.”

“Besides, it’s not true,” he added.

Trump stated that “today the corrupt media are ready for anything.” “They will do or say anything without even thinking about the consequences,” the US President added. “They are cowards, and no doubt the enemies of the people!”

The article of The New York Times states with reference to sources that Washington over the past year has increased attempts to introduce malicious programs into the Russian energy system. With their help, the US can allegedly collect information about the Russian power system, as well as, presumably, turn off some of its elements.
Earlier, the Pentagon did not respond to a request from FreeNews in Washington to clarify whether the allegations contained in the publication are true.