Former US President Donald Trump said that he has already made a decision regarding his participation in the new presidential elections in 2024, but cannot disclose his plans due to problems that may arise with the financing of his election campaign.

“I know the answer, but I can’t reveal it yet, because it may affect campaign finance and other things. But I absolutely know my answer,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News, answering a question about whether he intends to participate in a new presidential race in a few years.

The former head of state did not explain what possible problems he was talking about.

Earlier, the media wrote that Trump does not rule out the possibility of running for congress and, in the event of his victory and the victory of the Republicans in the elections as a whole, to claim the post of speaker. Later, Trump himself said that he does not plan to try to become the speaker of the lower house of congress.

Trump has also repeatedly hinted that he intends to participate in the US presidential election in 2024.