US President Donald Trump said that he introduces a 5% duty on all goods from Mexico from June 10 in connection with the crisis at the border. As the American leader wrote on Thursday on Twitter, the size of the fee will increase over time until the Mexican authorities stop the flow of migrants to the United States.

“Since June 10, the US has introduced a 5% duty on all goods from Mexico until the flow of illegal migrants to our country stops,” the head of the White House wrote. “Tariffs will gradually increase until the problem of illegal migration is eliminated. In this case, all tariffs will be removed,” Trump stressed.

As reported during a telephone briefing on Thursday, the representative of the White House each month the fee will increase by 5% until it reaches 25%.

“From June 10, 5% duty will be imposed on all goods from Mexico. If the Mexican authorities do not want to help us cope with the crisis at the border, then from July 1 the duty will be 10%,” the representative of the administration said. He noted that on October 1, according to the plan of the White House, “the last increase of duty to 25%”will take place.

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador noted that “social problems are not solved by taxes or coercive measures,” and urged Trump to “seek peaceful solutions” to existing contradictions.