WASHINGTON – On Thursday, speaking to reporters before a meeting in the White House with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, US President Donald Trump reiterated that Iran has made a very big mistake by shooting down an American drone in international airspace. Previously, he wrote about it on his Twitter.

Trump also told reporters that very soon they will know about the decision that will take the US administration in connection with this incident.
The President drew the attention of the press in the Oval Office of the White House that the drone did not have any weapons and was in international airspace. Trump also did not rule out that the drone could be shot down as a result of an unintentional mistake of the Iranian military.

In turn, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern over the escalation of the situation in the region undertaken by Tehran and said that he plans to discuss all this with the United States – “our closest ally.”

Recall that on June 20, an Iranian anti-aircraft missile shot down an American drone belonging to the US Navy. According to Iranian officials, it happened over the territory of the country, but US representatives said that the incident occurred in international airspace.

In the Pentagon on Thursday, a press conference was held, during which a representative of the US military leadership stressed that the US drone shot down by Iran had never violated Iranian airspace during the mission.

On Thursday, the White House will hold a briefing with the leaders of the Congress, the military command and the leadership of the intelligence community on the situation around Iran.