According to The Hill newspaper, the possibility of “an announcement by the former American leader about the start of the campaign this summer has already been discussed.”

Some advisers of the former American leader Donald Trump believe that he may announce plans to run for president of the United States again this summer. This was reported by The Hill newspaper, citing sources.

As noted in the publication, some former and current Trump advisers believe that the question is not whether the Republican will announce plans to apply for the highest U.S. government post, but when exactly he will do it. According to some newspaper sources, the possibility of “[Trump’s] announcement of the start of the campaign this summer has already been discussed.” At the same time, sources warned that “the situation is still changing, and it is not clear when exactly the former president may enter the race.”

“I think there are people who are pushing him in this direction, and he is open to it,” the former Trump adviser’s words are quoted in the publication about the possibility that the Republican will announce these plans before the midterm elections to the U.S. Congress scheduled for November. Another source noted that Trump, who is the most popular Republican politician, could have waited some more time to prepare everything necessary for the campaign before officially entering the race.

In February 2021, during a speech at the conference of conservative circles of the United States in Orlando (Florida), Trump admitted that he could again take part in the struggle for the post of head of state. He later clarified that he intended to make a final decision after the midterm elections to the U.S. Congress.