WASHINGTON – This is done in order to see whether the Democrats and Republicans will be able to come together and work out a solution to the problems of providing “asylum and loopholes on the southern border,” said the head of the White House.

US President Donald Trump decided to postpone the mass deportation of illegal migrants from the country for two weeks.

“At the Democrats’ request, I postponed the process of expelling illegal migrants (deportations) for two weeks to see if Democrats and Republicans could come together and work out a solution to asylum problems and loopholes on the southern border. If not, deportations will begin!”- he wrote on his Twitter page.

On Tuesday, Trump announced that US immigration and customs police will begin deporting millions of illegal immigrants next week.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of the interior of Mexico for migration and human rights Alejandro Encinas said that about 50 thousand migrants hoping to get asylum in the United States, can be sent to the territory of this Latin American country in the next few months. Foreigners will stay in Mexico while the US authorities will consider their documents, according to the agreements reached by Mexico City and Washington.