US President Donald Trump said he did not want to call Russia an enemy.

The head of state talked about the policy of Germany, criticizing Berlin for unwillingness to increase military spending to two percent of GDP. According to him, Germany pays billions of dollars per month to Russia for the construction of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline.

“We are supposed to protect Germany from Russia. And it turns out that Germany gives money to the so-called enemy,” Trump stressed, adding that he does not want to call Moscow an enemy.

He admitted that he wants to improve relations with both Moscow and Beijing. “Only stupid people do not want to get along with anyone,” the American leader concluded.

On May 8, US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that the US should not allow the completion of Nord stream 2. In his opinion, the implementation of the project will make Europe’s policy dependent on Moscow.

Nord stream 2 is a gas pipeline project from Russia to Germany, which is being laid on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It will pass through territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.