According to The Daily Beast, at least four people discussed this issue with the ex-president, but he allegedly did not show much interest in it.

Contrary to the recommendations of his advisers, former U.S. President Donald Trump does not want to start an information campaign to convince his supporters to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus. This was reported on Thursday by the Internet portal The Daily Beast.

“It has been more than six months since Donald Trump left office, but the former president refuses to do anything resembling real attempts to convince his supporters to get vaccinated, despite the requests of some friends and advisers,” the publication says. It states that the Republican has previously spoken out several times in favor of vaccinations, but at the same time stressed that people have the right not to do them.

According to sources, at least four people discussed with Trump “a possible vaccination campaign.” However, the former American leader allegedly “did not show much interest in having his name associated with attempts to vaccinate more people.”

According to the portal, in conversations with his confidants, Trump focused on the results of opinion polls, which indicated that vaccination is not popular among his supporters. Sources of The Daily Beast believe that the Republican may not want to touch on this topic in his speeches not to irritate Americans who support him.