Republicans rated the President’s speech positively, while Democrats were harshly critical.

As expected, Republicans praised President Donald Trump’s report on the state of the country, which highlighted the administration’s economic and foreign policy successes, and Democrats criticized the President for his rhetoric contributing to the country’s division.

“In my opinion, the report lacked more unifying notes,” notes Illinois Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi. – The most striking moment seemed to me his words about the heroism of ordinary Americans and people in uniform, and least of all I liked that he essentially divides people, teases people, disparages immigrants. I don’t think it’s right.”

Democratic Congressman Gerry Connolly of Virginia called the Trump report “the most divisive” speech by the President in the House of Representatives.

He didn’t build any bridges to find common ground, but on the contrary, he took up the axe and began to destroy existing bridges. He became even more active on controversial topics such as immigration, health care, and tax policy. Today, he exploited people for political purposes,” he said.

Republicans rated Trump’s speech differently. In their view, the Democrats don’t want to compromise.

“He talked about inclusive success and gave numerous examples,” said North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop. “I think the Democrats should join him in this fight for success.”

Georgia Congressman Jody Hice says: “Unity is based on shared values and beliefs that people unite around, and he talked about everything from the economy to the rebirth of the military, and so on. About the return of the military from the war, the end of endless wars. And the Democrats just sat there looking disinterested.”

When the President delivers a report on the state of affairs in the country, members of his party often cheer him with applause and cheers, while members of the opposition party sit in silence. Some points are usually met with support from both parties: for example, the mention of a soldier invited by the President.

Trump’s comments on immigration policy caused the most controversy.
According to Republican Senator Mike Rounds, the President was trying to convey the idea of the benefits of legal immigration.

“A lot of people want to understand the difference between illegal and legal immigration, and I think he tried to explain it,” the Senator says.

Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is outraged that Trump repeatedly mentioned immigrants who committed crimes.

“I think he amused himself by condemning and fiercely criticizing immigrants, but without mentioning that our country is built on immigrants and laws,” she said. – We are all against criminal activity, but, sadly, this is the only context in which he mentioned people of other nationalities.”

In his report, Trump never mentioned the ongoing impeachment proceedings.

Republicans considered this the right strategy.

“I think it was a wise decision for both President Clinton and President Trump not to mention impeachment,” said Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot. – It only divides us.” And this particular impeachment should not have started at all. It’s over tomorrow, so let’s not dwell on it.”

According to Oklahoma Congressman Kevin Hearn, his constituents don’t care about impeachment.

“People talk about health care, jobs, the economy, and how to get a pay rise. They stopped talking about impeachment in November last year,” he said.

However, the Democratic Congressman from Texas, Marc Veasey, expected that Trump would still touch on the topic of impeachment.

“I wanted to hear some remorse, – he says. – I wanted to hear something like, ‘ Ladies and gentlemen, the American public, I want to apologize for trying to sell American foreign policy to a foreign country by asking it to investigate a potential political rival.’