Former US President Donald Trump commented on the speech of the current head of state Joe Biden about electoral rights, again hinting that the winner of the race for the highest post was determined incorrectly.

“Biden said that 150 people voted in the presidential election in 2020. Fraud! Let’s say he meant 150 million people, based on the fact that I had 75 million plus, it turns out that he has 75 million, which is 6 million less than they said he received. And what happens? Did they concede 6 million votes?” – it is said in a distributed statement by Trump.

Biden, speaking on the topic of voting rights, said that the last US presidential election was subjected to the most thorough analysis and does not raise doubts about honesty, and to say otherwise is unpatriotic and “a big lie.” The US president stressed that despite the coronavirus restrictions, more people than ever participated in the elections. He advised the losing opponent not to try to destroy the country with false accusations, but to try himself again in the election campaign.