The former President of the United States blamed the administration of the current head of the White House for the situation around Ukraine.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the current leader of the country Joe Biden, blaming his administration for the situation around Ukraine and accusing him of destroying the American dream.

“If you take the five worst presidents in American history and put them together, [it turns out] they all didn’t do the damage that Joe Biden did in just 15 months. In a little over a year, he managed to literally kill the American dream,” Trump said, speaking at a rally of his supporters in Commerce (Georgia).

The ex-president also expressed the opinion that the situation in Ukraine would not have developed in the way it is now if he had headed the United States, and the Russian special operation could have been avoided.

Trump believes that the United States currently has problems with NATO, because they “do not believe the American mission there.”

In addition, according to the former head of the White House, Chinese President Xi Jinping also cannot ignore the weakness of the current American authorities. “Taiwan will be next, because it (the Chinese leader) sees what is happening, he sees our weak leadership,” said Trump, who previously claimed that the Republican Party would regain power in the United States following the results of the presidential elections in 2024.