The former U.S. president did not explain what exactly he meant.

The former U.S. president, Republican Donald Trump, criticized the current head of the White House, Democrat Joe Biden, for the way he held videoconference talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 7. Trump spoke in Florida to supporters who posted fragments of a video recording of his speech on Twitter.

“I saw him with Putin a couple of days ago, and I was very upset,” Trump said, telling his interlocutor – journalist Bill O’Reilly – about his attitude to Biden. At the same time, Trump said he did not want to say that “Biden is incompetent.”

Trump did not explain what exactly he meant when he spoke about Putin’s meeting with Biden, since on December 7, only footage of the greeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States was shown on the air.

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden held video talks on December 7, the conversation lasted two hours. The prevailing topic was the situation around Ukraine, and the leaders also discussed bilateral relations, cybersecurity, and the Iranian nuclear deal.