According to the ex-head of the White House, “some crazy people” in the country are trying to hold Moscow responsible for everything.

Donald Trump believes that building relations with Russia during his tenure as president of the United States was easier than with his own country.

He expressed this opinion on Saturday, speaking to supporters in Arizona.

“I have often been asked which state is the most difficult to deal with <…> Russia? Maybe it was China or maybe North Korea? Is this Iran? – said the ex-president. – I answered: “No. The most difficult country I dealt with was the United States of America.” “We have some crazy people,” he noted. According to Trump, these individuals are fabricating a false thesis “Russia, Russia, Russia”, trying to hold Moscow responsible for everything and everything. “Everything is fabricated,” he stressed.

“Indeed, the most difficult thing is not with Russia or China, but with the United States. It’s a shame,” the former head of state added.