A group of supporters of Donald Trump began to build the wall along the border with Mexico promised by the President, raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign on the Internet.

Former soldier Brian Kolfage posted in social networks a picture of the construction of the metal fence in the state of New Mexico.

According to him, he and his supporters managed to collect donations for this project in the amount of 22 million dollars.

The fundraising campaign began after the American Congress refused to provide funding for the construction of the wall. Its construction was one of the key campaign promises of Donald Trump.

Brian Kolfage, who served in the past in the U.S. air force and lost in battle in both legs and one arm, tweeted several photos and videos of the construction of the border wall.

The construction was organized by his charity, WeBuildtheWall Inc, which he founded in December 2018, starting to collect donations from supporters.

The head of the Board of Trustees of WeBuildtheWall Inc is a former adviser to President Trump Steve Bannon.

In an interview with CNN, Bannon said that the new private wall will connect two existing 30-kilometer sections of the barrier along the border.

Chris Kobach, former Kansas state Secretary who now provides his legal services to WeBuildtheWall Inc., told CNN that the construction of this section of the private wall would cost eight million dollars.

Trump supporter 56-year-old Jeff Allen says the wall is being built on partially owned land in the Sunland Park area in New Mexico. On the other side of the border is the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez.

“This is a purely American way to tell Congress that it is good for nothing and we will fight it. We will build that wall yourself — he said the Agency “France Press.” — This is not Europe. This Is America. We protect our borders.”

He assures that he has no dislike for immigrants: his wife is Mexican, and his daughter was born in Ciudad Juárez in Mexico.

“There is no question of racism. Talking about how to protect themselves, and provide for reliable American border, he says. — If people want to immigrate here, they have to do it according to the rules.”

WeBuildtheWall Inc says this is just the beginning of work to strengthen the southern border of the United States.