The administration of US President Donald Trump unfrozen funds of $ 250 million intended for military assistance to Ukraine. US NEWS reported, citing a representative of the US administration.

The situation around these funds has recently caused discontent on the part of some members of Congress. The deadline for funds to be allocated to Kyiv expired at the end of the current financial year, on September 30. However, in late August, CNN, citing its sources, reported that Trump plans to freeze this assistance. US lawmakers from both parties who disagree with the decision threatened to authorize aid to Kyiv in defiance of Trump’s decision.

Citing members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, FreeNews reports that the White House unfroze funds for Ukraine.

Trump administration spokesman confirmed that the money had been allocated. He gave no other details, adding only that the White House is reviewing the program of assistance to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Embassy in the United States on its Facebook page has already welcomed the decision to unlock the funds. The diplomatic mission said that the funds are intended for the purchase of weapons and military equipment, as well as the provision of services to improve the capabilities of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

“This support for the security of the United States of the people of Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression is evidence of the strategic partnership between our countries and a significant contribution to the strengthening of European and Euro — Atlantic security,” – said in a statement.