US President Donald Trump in his Twitter account called the Moon part of Mars.

The American leader urged NASA to stop talking about flying to the Moon and focus on larger-scale programs, such as the flight to Mars. Trump said that the Moon is part of it.

Users of the social network ridiculed the statement of the President. “June 7, 2019. The day when the Moon became part of Mars,” wrote one of the commentators. “We chose a guy in the President who knows astronomy worse than my four-year-old son,” said another.

Some users have tried to explain to Trump the difference between the Moon and Mars in the pictures.

“I know reading isn’t really your thing, so here are some pictures! This red round thing is Mars. A white round thing smaller is the Moon,” the user wrote.

In 2018, the United States sent to Mars interplanetary spacecraft InSight. The purpose of the mission was to study the geological history of the red planet, including the search for possible traces of life. The United States also intended to send astronauts there by 2030, but NASA does not yet have a detailed mission plan.