Former US President Donald Trump has introduced a new version of the cap with the famous political slogan Make America Great Again (MAGA). He sent the corresponding letters to supporters by e-mail, the New York Post reports.

“I have just developed a brand new MAGA cap, and I want you to have it. You have always been one of my most loyal supporters, so you should have more than just some kind of cap… I want you to have a cap with my personal autograph,” Trump addressed each addressee.

The ex-president attached a photo of a red baseball cap with a large abbreviation MAGA, embroidered in white font with a yellow outline and his signature on the left side of the visor. The headdress, as noted, can be purchased through donations in the amount of 25, 50, 100, or 250 dollars.

The original design of the MAGA baseball cap was invented during the Trump election campaign and became a distinctive detail of the image of his supporters. The slogan Make America Great Again first appeared in 1979 on the election campaign of the 40th US President Ronald Reagan.