US President Donald Trump intends to re-announce the introduction of the country’s state of emergency to be able to introduce duties on goods from Mexico, reports The Hill with reference to the relevant draft Declaration. According to the document, the Declaration of state of emergency is necessary “because of the inability of the Mexican government to take effective measures to reduce the flow of migrants.” Mr. Trump has already introduced a state of emergency in December 2018 to bypass Congress to get money for the construction of the wall between the US and Mexico. This resulted in a record-long shutdown.

The new draft Declaration on the introduction of the state of emergency lists nine examples of Mexico’s inability to control the flow of migrants from Central America. What specific examples are in question is not specified. “The US government has repeatedly asked the Mexican authorities to take responsibility and help reduce this mass migration. Nevertheless, Mexico has not taken enough action to resolve the problem, allowed to increase the scale of the invasion and failed to secure its southern border,” the document says.

It also says that in 2019, about 675 thousand people were detained or stopped at the border of Mexico and the United States. “More than three-quarters of the foreigners illegally crossing our southern border are from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. They often travel through Guatemala, cross the southern border of Mexico and travel freely to the United States. The government of Mexico is well aware of this problem,” the Declaration stresses.

According to The Hill, it is not clear finally whether the decision on the introduction of a new regime of the state of emergency. The US white house did not comment on the information about the alleged intentions of Donald Trump.