The content of the festive speech of the President said the Minister of Internal Affairs.

President Donald Trump’s speech on the occasion of Independence Day will be devoted to the US Armed forces. Interior Minister David Bernhardt said.
Earlier, Federal legislators and other politicians expressed concerns that the President may address the nation on July 4 with a politicized message.

The traditional format of this speech involves the abandonment of politics and a clear preference for a particular party. However, Minister David Bernhard said on Wednesday that Trump will devote his speech to all five types of US Armed forces: the Army, Air force, Navy, Coast Guard, and reserve units, including the National Guard.

Bernhardt added that the World War II memorial and the areas adjacent to the Mirror Pond at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, for the first time in recent years, will be open to visitors of the holiday could freely observe the fireworks in honor of Independence Day. In past years, fireworks were launched near the Memorial of J. Washington, and this year’s launch site will be moved to the Lincoln Memorial.

The program of the celebration called “Salute America” scheduled concerts, as well as military and air parades.