A senior adviser to the US President Kellyanne Conway said that Donald Trump would soon make a unique statement about the annexation.

“I believe the President has something to say,” Conway said. — I’ll leave it to him, and he’ll make an important statement.”

Secretary of state Michael Pompeo still insists that this is only Israel’s decision.

Trump’s popularity is falling, according to polls, so he must walk a fine electoral line. The agreement with the unilateral annexation would violate the US relationship with Arab partners and to exacerbate the division of Europe. In the United States itself, not only Democrats are opposed to the occupation, but also many Republicans. Annexation is popular with evangelicals who support Trump, but whether they will give a significant increase in the election is still doubtful.

Yesterday, the UN Security Council held a hearing on the issue of annexation, and today representatives of 15 countries will gather to discuss Israeli plans with the foreign Minister of the Palestinian authority.
In Israel itself, at closed talks, foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said that the annexation of the Jordan valley is out of the question. Sovereignty can be applied to limited territories in agreement with the international community and the United States: he believes that any action should be carried out in the strategic interests of Israel by existing peace agreements