The oversight Committee of the US House of Representatives initiated an investigation against the administration of Donald Trump to check the white house plans for the sale of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. This could threaten the US national security interests and potentially allow the Saudis to build their atomic bomb, according to a 24-page report of the Committee released on Tuesday, February 19.

According to this document, some high-ranking members of the administration lobbied for a deal in which dozens of nuclear power plants should be built in Saudi Arabia, and American nuclear technology could be sold without the necessary guarantees of their safe use. The beneficiaries of this transaction could be people from the inner circle of Trump.

The nuclear deal was promoted by Michael Flynn

Promotion of the project initially engaged by the former Advisor to the President on security Michael Flynn, who was fired just a month after the appointment to the post in 2017. Then the work was continued by Derek Harvey, who worked in the national security Council and close to Flynn person. Later he was also dismissed from his post.

In addition, in this transaction should participate the company Brookfield Asset Management, consisting in close business relations with a group of companies owned by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. The report of the Oversight Committee is based on information received from unnamed White House staff who reported “going beyond the action” they witnessed. Plans for a nuclear deal may violate the US law, and they have not been notified to the US Congress, which in this case is necessary.