Jenna Ellis, the campaign’s legal adviser, said the state’s judicial authorities “continue to cover up allegations of mass fraud.”

Lawyers for the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, intended to appeal to the Supreme Court the decision of the Appeals Court in Pennsylvania, which agreed to reject the claim of the Republican headquarters, which demanded to invalidate part of the ballots submitted by mail in this state in the November 3 election. This follows a statement posted on Twitter on Friday by Jenna Ellis, a legal adviser to the Republican campaign headquarters.

According to her, the Pennsylvania judicial authorities “continue to cover up allegations of mass fraud.” “The case goes to the Supreme Court,” she wrote.

On Friday, an Appeals Court upheld a Pennsylvania district court’s decision rejecting a lawsuit by the Trump campaign that sought to invalidate nearly 700,000 ballots. Trump’s lawyers argued the claim concerning alleged election violations in this state. They argued that because of this, victory in Pennsylvania should be awarded to a Republican.

On Tuesday, Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said that local authorities approved the voting results in this state’s presidential election, according to which Democrat Joseph Biden won. According to the latest data posted on the Secretary of State’s website, Biden won 50% of the vote; his opponent was supported by 48.8% of those who voted. The Democrat’s margin exceeds 80,000 votes.