The book by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, about the character and life of the US President, broke the record for first-day sales, the Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday, citing a statement by the head of the Simon&Schuster publication Jonathan Karp.

On the first day, more than 950,000 copies were sold in various formats. This figure includes pre-orders. A total of 1.15 million books will be printed in paper form.

Recall that the media published excerpts from the book “Too much and never enough: how my family created the most dangerous person in the world.”

The author of the book calls Trump a “sociopath.” According to her, Trump’s “pride and ignorance” threaten the US, and the President’s ego is “very fragile and needs constant feeding.”

White House press Secretary Kayleigh McEnaney said the book contains “ridiculous and absurd claims.” According to her, Mary Trump’s statements, “have absolutely nothing to do with the truth.”