Donald Trump Jr., the son of former US President Donald Trump, said that after the White House refused to talk directly with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, there is no leader in the United States now, but only “an empty suit with a teleprompter.”

“Putin challenged Joe Biden to a live debate without a pre-prepared text. The whole world knows that we don’t have a leader at the very top, just an empty suit with a teleprompter,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter.

According to him, the United States opponents are now enthusiastically “looking at the weakness of America.”

When asked by the media whether he considers his Russian counterpart a “murderer,” Biden said that he does. He also noted that Putin would “answer” for allegedly interfering in the American elections. Putin commented on Biden’s words, wishing him good health and reminding him that evaluating other people is like looking in a mirror and offered to talk on Friday or Monday. In response, the White House said that Biden and Putin have already spoken and that the United States is in contact with the Russian leadership. Biden himself, on Thursday, after a speech at the White House, refused to answer a journalist’s question whether he agreed to talk with Putin.