Donald Trump spoke at the opening of the 74th UN General Assembly in New York. Vice President Mike Pence, daughter, and adviser Ivanka Trump, and son-in-law Jared Kushner supported US President.

73-year-old Trump devoted a significant part of the speech to China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. The President also criticized countries that are persecuted for sexual orientation, religion or abortion. The United States called the country that represents democracy. Ukraine and Russia remained outside the attention of the American leader.

About the US

Over the past month, the US had a record low unemployment rate. Today, the US is the largest supplier of gas and energy around the world… and while the UK is trying to leave the European Union, we hope that the agreements under the contracts (with Mexico and Canada) will be fulfilled.

About China

In 2001, China was admitted to the World trade organization. We would like China to liberalize its economy in terms of private things and the law. We see that China has refused to implement the reforms we agreed on. We see the manipulation of money and the theft of intellectual property, the theft of secrets on a huge scale. A state-owned company stole our classified information, made an identical product.

The US lost 60 thousand plants after China joined the World trade organization. We have tolerated these actions before, even supported them. But the US said it would never happen again. We have set tariffs for products created in China.

We would like to balance our relations with China. I hope we will reach agreements that will be positive for both countries. We are monitoring the situation in Hong Kong, and the whole world hopes that China will deal with this problem in a human way. We want to protect democracy in Hong Kong. How China will solve this problem will show their attitude to people in general.

About Iran

I also want to talk about the repressive regime in Iran. Mode of death and destruction. They are not only sponsors of terrorism, but they are also igniting wars in Syria and Yemen. We see them helping fanatics with their nuclear weapons. We must stop Iran’s path to nuclear weapons. We excluded Iran from the nuclear agreement. Iran did not allow inspections in important parts of the country and did not respond that they have there with missiles. We imposed severe sanctions on this regime after we saw how bad their democracy was. No one should help Iran’s bloodlust.

Iranian leaders destroyed the country for their power. While the Iranian authorities accuse other countries of their troubles, they talk about the death of America, actively promote anti-Semitism. It’s cancer that needs to be eradicated. And it will.

We see Iran blaming Israel for all the troubles; we want peace in the Middle East. We see Iran’s complicated relations with its neighbors. If Iran wants what’s best for its country, it must cease its actions. It’s time for leaders to put the people first.

A lot of our partners used to be our sworn enemies. We in the United States do not believe in eternal enemies, we believe that only the wisest people can choose not war, but peace.


We also see problems on the Korean Peninsula. I spoke to Kim Jong-UN and I believe that like Iran his country has the potential but must destroy all nuclear stockpiles. The American goal is harmony, peace and we cannot wage these endless wars. We will not stop creating peace in the hot territories.

About migrants

One of our missions and migration, criminal cartels. Illegal migration is unfair and unsafe and can harm everyone involved. Migrants are like coyotes, they’re destroying the country from the inside. Women who try to migrate will be abused. We condemn countries that support the illegal movement of people. The policy of organizations that socially support migrants is not honest, but cruel. Because you support those who enrich themselves on these women and children and undermine the security of borders.

Venezuela and communism

We sent humanitarian aid to Venezuela. We are waiting for democracy to be restored in this country and freedom to come first. We must remind ourselves that socialism and communism are not about justice, equality, overcoming poverty and good for the nation. This is only about one thing-about power for the ruling class. America will never be a socialist country. In the last 100 years, socialism and communism have killed 100 million people, and now we see this deadly March continuing in Venezuela. This totalitarian dictatorship is combined with technology – new ways to dominate your people.