Tunisian Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi was allegedly beaten in the presidential palace, forcing him to resign. This was reported by the publication The Middle East Eye; other sources do not confirm the incident report.

According to the newspaper, Mechichi was summoned to the residence of President Kais Saied, where the head of state demanded that he leave the post voluntarily. He refused, and unidentified persons beat him, causing significant injuries and eventually achieving from him what Saied demanded.

In an official statement, Mechichi announced that he would not undermine the state system, was ready to transfer powers to the next prime minister, whom the head of state would appoint, and wished his successor success.

On July 26, Saied dismissed the government, froze the work of the parliament, deprived parliamentarians of immunity, and banned the speaker of the parliament from leaving the country. The decision was made against the background of anti-government unrest and mass anti-corruption actions in the country.