As a condition for the approval of their applications for NATO membership, Ankara, in particular, asks them to stop supporting organizations associated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

A pro-government Turkish newspaper reported that Turkey has compiled a list of 10 requirements that it will ask Sweden and Finland to fulfill before approving their application for NATO membership.

The list published by the Sabah newspaper calls on both countries to stop any financial support for organizations associated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, as well as fighters from among the Syrian Kurds, whom Ankara considers a continuation of this banned group.

In addition, Turkey demands that these countries cease contacts with members of the Syrian Kurdish group.

The newspaper writes that Turkey also wants Sweden and Finland to “speed up” the extradition procedure for suspects whom Turkey is looking for on terrorism charges.

The list also contains a demand for Sweden to curb what Sabah called a disinformation campaign against Turkey, led by followers of Imam Fethullah Gulen.

Ankara believes that Gulen was behind the coup attempt in 2016. Many followers of the Gulen movement fled to Sweden.