Twitter should not be a company, but a public good, Dorsey noted.

The founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, supported the purchase of the company by American entrepreneur Elon Musk. He published a corresponding statement on his microblog.

According to Dorsey, he regrets that Twitter, being a public company, actually belonged to investors and advertisers. “Taking her [the company] off Wall Street is the right first step,” Dorsey pointed out, commenting on Musk’s intention to turn Twitter from a public company into a non-public one, after which its shares can only be sold or exchanged privately or over-the-counter order.

Dorsey stressed that Twitter, in his opinion, should in principle be “not a company, but a public good.” “Elon is the only one who is best suited to solve this problem <…>,” he noted.

The founder of Twitter also stated that he supports Musk’s desire to “create the most reliable and broadly inclusive platform,” noting that the current CEO of the company, Parag Agrawal, adheres to similar guidelines. “This is the right way, I believe in it with all my heart,” Dorsey stressed.

On November 29 last year, Dorsey announced that he had stopped acting as CEO of the company. This position was taken by Twitter’s technical director Agrawal, whose appointment was unanimously supported by the members of the Board of Directors.