The Twitter company conducted an investigation and found out that the hackers were able to hack 45 accounts. To do this, they “successfully manipulated” several employees.

An internal investigation by Twitter revealed that hackers, with the help of several employees, were able to access their accounts and social network support tools. After that, they unnoticed by users dropped and changed the password for 45 accounts.

At the same time, Twitter believes that the hacking was not done by a professional hacker group. According to them, four young men who did not work together are behind the attack. Two hackers told the New York Times that they had a leader, but his motives are unknown. They were able to access the company’s private Slack, where employees shared sensitive data.

“We believe the attackers targeted certain Twitter employees using social engineering techniques. What does it mean? In this case, social engineering was the deliberate manipulation of people in order to force them to take certain actions and ferret out confidential information”.

Twitter press release
On July 15, 2020, unknown persons gained access to a large group of verified Twitter accounts. The purpose of the hacker attack is to promote fraudulent operations with bitcoins. Among the hacked accounts were the accounts of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, former US President Barack Obama, rapper Kanye West, and many others.

In the first hours after the attack, the deceived people sent over 118 thousand dollars to hackers. It can also be assumed that the attackers could have gained access to a large number of confidential messages.