After the introduction of full-size image display on mobile devices, Twitter stopped automatically cropping images in the web interface. The social network is now displaying full-size images on all platforms after researchers and users found that cropping algorithms tended to be biased on the basis of race and gender.

If you post, for example, a portrait photo with a tweet, it will now be displayed in full vertical form, rather than being cropped by the algorithm. However, tweets with images embedded in the website are still cropped to a more square format. And if you link to a web article with an image, regardless of aspect ratio or platform, it will be automatically cropped to 16: 9. This is one of the reasons many news sites post links to articles on Twitter with the main image embedded separately.

Twitter changed the way it displays photos after controversy over automatic cropping. Some users noticed that when displaying a photo with black and white faces, it was automatically cropped towards the white face. The researchers actually proved that there was a phenomenon of algorithmic racial bias.