The microblogging service Twitter said that it is reviewing its policy towards world leaders to decide how to deal with those politicians who will violate the rules of use of the social network.

“We want our policies to remain relevant given the ever-changing nature of political discourse on Twitter… Therefore, we are reconsidering our approach to world leaders,”

eads the message posted on the microblog site.

Twitter plans to ask its users for help in resolving this issue. “By and large, we want to hear from the public whether they believe that world leaders should be subject to the same rules as other Twitter users. And what enforcement measures are appropriate if a world leader breaks the rules,” Twitter reported.

According to the report, from March 19 to April 12, the service will conduct a survey among its users, which will be available in 14 languages, including Russian. According to Twitter, this is done so that the reviews reflect a “global perspective.” Twitter is also consulting with some human rights experts, civil society organizations, and academics worldwide, whose feedback will be taken into account in the upcoming revision of the microblog policy.