Robert Farley, a columnist for the American publication 19Fortyfive, believes that the conflict between the United States and China could lead to the third and fourth world wars.

“The confrontation between Washington and Beijing, most likely, will not end in one decisive clash but will lead to a series of armed campaigns,” he writes.

In his opinion, the two great powers can start a fight for Taiwan. If American forces manage to prevail over the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA), this will not force Beijing to abandon the idea of reunification with the island, Farley believes. The author believes that the PRC will conclude a temporary truce with the United States and then strike again to join the disputed region.

“Even if China wins the campaign for Taiwan, it will not eradicate the fundamental contradictions with the United States. Although it is difficult to predict the reaction of Asian states to the military success of the PLA, it can be assumed that after this event, countries such as Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea will seek a closer alliance with Washington. And this will create the prerequisites for another conflict,” the publication says.

Farley recalled that any armed clash in the western Pacific would be a disaster and lead to the destruction of infrastructure, financial and trade ties that have developed between Asia and North America.

The author of the article expressed the hope that humanity will be able to avoid such a scenario.