The previous resolution on temporary financing of the government is valid until February 18.

The House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress passed a bill on temporary financing of the federal government until March 11 inclusive. The broadcast was hosted by C-SPAN.

272 legislators spoke in support of this decision, 162 congressmen opposed it. Now the document must be approved by the Senate of Congress, after which it will be signed by President Joe Biden.

On September 30, the 2021 fiscal year ended in the United States, but lawmakers have not yet agreed on a full-fledged budget for 2022. In this regard, they are forced to adopt temporary resolutions to extend the financing of the government. The previous such document is valid until February 18. If the new resolution is not approved by this time, the United States may face a new “shutdown” – the suspension of the government. The last time this happened was on December 22, 2018, as a result of which civil servants went on forced leave for a record long period of 35 days.