According to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Congress will soon consider new laws aimed at supporting the rights of Uighurs, Tibetans, and Hong Kong residents.

Members of the U.S. Congress from the Democratic and Republican parties in both chambers – the Senate and the House of Representatives – supported the decision of the White House on a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

This follows from statements that were made after this step was announced by Biden administration spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in particular, said that back in May she insisted on such actions: “As I noted when I called for a diplomatic boycott last May, Beijing’s brutal and repressive actions over the past three decades show that the international community can no longer give Beijing carte blanche and hope that its behavior will simply change. The international community should openly and with a united front oppose Beijing’s offensive on human rights: from the genocide of the Uighurs to a long campaign of repression against the people of Tibet and the infringement of fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong and mainland China.”

“Congress will maintain its long-standing commitment to holding China accountable through the efforts of both parties in both chambers,” Nancy Pelosi assured, stressing that several laws and resolutions have been passed over the past two years to support the rights of Uighurs, Tibetans, and Hong Kongers, and additional legislative initiatives will be considered this week, including the law on the prevention of forced labor of Uighurs.

“We, as a united international community, have the opportunity and duty to hold Beijing accountable, as well as to defend human dignity and freedom in the region and around the world,” the Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed.

The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Democratic Senator from Virginia Mark Warner said: “I welcome President Biden’s decision to announce a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The diplomatic boycott of the Games sends a powerful signal to the Chinese Communist Party that the United States will not turn a blind eye to the growing aggression of the CCP around the world and the human rights violations committed by it, the list of which is long and continues to grow. It includes extensive and systematic repression of Uighurs and other minorities in Xinjiang; the destruction of culture in Tibet; silencing the voices of people who are considered a threat to the CCP, such as tennis player Peng Shuai, as well as companies and individuals around the world who do not adhere to the CCP narrative; escalating threats to the people of Taiwan and the destruction of democratic freedoms in Hong Kong.”

The leading Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, said: “I am glad that the Biden administration has finally decided not to send officials to the Beijing Games, which has seemed like an obvious choice for quite some time. But we must do more to protect the Olympians and deprive this event of propaganda value for the CPC.”

“I urge President Biden to encourage U.S. allies and partners to join our diplomatic boycott in order to hold the IOC and CPC accountable for their disregard for human rights. And I call on the Biden administration to demand that the IOC protect the freedom of speech and the right to privacy of all participants. These Olympic Games give the CPC an opportunity to legitimize its human rights atrocities, including genocide, and the free world should unite and strongly condemn them,” said a senior Republican on the International Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.