In response to the Kremlin’s statements about strengthening relations between Moscow and Beijing, the U.S. authorities recalled that the diplomatic resolution of the situation around Ukraine remains a priority of geopolitics today.

Secretary Blinken recently spoke with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, where he stated the risks to global security and the economy in the event of further Russian aggression against Ukraine, First Deputy Press Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Jalina Porter said at a briefing.

According to Porter, the U.S. Secretary of State told the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry that de-escalation and diplomacy are the most preferable way out of the situation between Russia and Ukraine. The representative of the Department of State noted that the United States held about two hundred meetings with allies and partners regarding the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and we are talking not only about Europe, but also about partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

Earlier this week, Department of State spokesman Ned Price warned the Kremlin that strengthening relations between Moscow and Beijing would not compensate for the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while the situation of the Russian economy, he noted, would become even more unstable.

Price made the statement after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China reported that China and Russia agreed on their positions on Ukraine during a meeting of foreign ministers of both countries in Beijing on Thursday.

Price recalled the economic and financial actions on the part of the United States, which would negatively affect Russia if it carried out a military invasion of Ukraine.

“If Russia thinks it will be able to mitigate some of these consequences through closer relations with China… Then this is not the case. In fact, this will make the Russian economy in many ways much more unstable,” Price said. –If you deny yourself the opportunity to make deals with the West, import goods from Europe, from the United States, you significantly reduce your production capacity and your innovation potential.”

Answering the question whether the United States has a plan in case of a sudden Russian invasion of Ukraine and a possible subsequent humanitarian crisis with refugees, Jalina Porter stressed that “Russia has two ways: either the path towards diplomacy, or the path towards aggression.”

“There is nothing more to add. And, of course, the Department of State and the United States take refugee crises around the world seriously and are ready to support those who are suffering,” Porter summed up.