According to the press service of the Sixth Fleet of the U.S. Navy, it has begun its planned transit to the Mediterranean Sea.

The U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer Porter on Tuesday began the transition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean after conducting naval operations with NATO allies. This was reported by the press service of the Sixth Fleet of the U.S. Navy.

“The missile destroyer USS Porter has begun its planned southward transit from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea after conducting naval operations and exercises together with NATO allies and partners,” the Sixth Fleet said in a Twitter message.

On November 10, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that US Navy ships had arrived to participate in multinational exercises conducted by the Joint Command of the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe in the Black Sea region. According to the Ministry of Defense, there were the guided-missile destroyer Porter, the tanker John Lenthall l, and the staff ship Mount Whitney of the U.S. Navy. On November 15, Mount Whitney departed for the Mediterranean Sea after the completion of the exercises.

The Defense Department stressed that we are talking about unscheduled actions of the U.S. forces. The ministry indicated that Washington is forming a multinational grouping of armed forces in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, such actions are becoming a destabilizing factor in the region; one of their goals is the military development of the territory of Ukraine. The Russian armed forces are continuously monitoring and monitoring the situation, the Defense Ministry assured.