According to the Ministry of Justice, Jonathan Toebbe, with the assistance of his wife, sold data on submarines to an undercover FBI agent.

A U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and his wife have been charged with selling classified information about nuclear submarines to an FBI agent who worked undercover and posed as an agent of a foreign state, the Justice Department said on Sunday.

The agency said that Jonathan Toebbe and his wife Diana were arrested on Saturday in West Virginia and charged with violating the Atomic Energy Act.

They are scheduled to appear before a federal judge in West Virginia on Tuesday.

The ministry reported that 42-year-old Toebbe, a Navy nuclear engineer who had access to top-secret information, sent a package with limited access data to an unspecified country in 2020 and later began selling secrets for tens of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency to an FBI agent acting undercover and posing as an official of a foreign state.

At some point, Toebbe hid a memory card with documents about nuclear reactors of submarines in half a peanut butter sandwich in a cache in West Virginia while his wife was monitoring the situation, the ministry said.

According to federal court documents, the memory card contained “classified information of a military nature concerning the design elements, operating parameters and operational characteristics of the reactors of the Virginia-class submarines.”

Another memory card was hidden in a package of chewing gum, the Ministry of Justice reported.

According to the ministry, Toebbe received several payments in cryptocurrency totaling $ 100,000.

Officials said Toebbe and his wife, who live in Annapolis, Maryland, were arrested after stashing another memory card in West Virginia. The criminal case says they were charged with conspiracy and “transmitting restricted access data.”

Neither the court documents nor the statement of the Ministry of Justice indicates the lawyer of the Toebbe spouses.