Recently, the US National Intelligence Service sent an analytical report to Congress on unidentified aerial phenomena. That is, about all recorded cases of UFO sightings, which, as stated in the document, may pose a potential threat to the security of the States. According to the influential American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, these UFOs may be… Russians or Chinese.

According to the publication, “the opponents of the United States can develop technologies that can disable aircraft systems.” They say that back in 2018, the U.S. Navy registered a patent application called “a method in which a laser beam is used to generate a trap that allows you to distract a homing missile from a target.” Two years later, this technology was called a laser that creates plasma UFOs or holographic images that can confuse military aircraft pilots.

At the same time, The Wall Street Journal admits that the patent is still under consideration, and the technology may not work. However, the newspaper is sure that Russia already has weapons based on next-generation laser plasma. Allegedly, this was stated by Moscow itself back in 2017. And now the Russians are constantly scaring the American military during the exercises, which have already counted 18 such incidents. In their course, the UFOs “made sharp maneuvers and moved at high speeds, without having recognizable propulsion systems.”

However, the publication admitted that there are gaps in this hypothesis. The fact is that UFOs were registered not only visually but also with the help of many sensors, including radars. That is, they were real physical objects, not holograms. So, perhaps, Moscow has nothing to do with it – the US military is afraid of real aliens.