Since 2018, Norway has claimed the pioneer status in the transfer of the national fleet to electric traction, which plans to complete the transition by 2040 in terms of domestic airlines. Other countries are still only looking at a new type of air transport, but the UK is also ready to follow Norway’s example by 2040, simultaneously banning the sale of new trucks with internal combustion engines.

Until now, only one initiative of the British authorities was reliably known – to ban from 2030 the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines in the United Kingdom. Existing cars using hydrocarbon fuels will be able to live out theirs, and all new cars on sale will have to switch to electric traction.

As noted by Reuters, the revised plan of the British government mentions other milestones of the complete phase-out of hydrocarbon fuel in new transport by 2050. From 2035, the sale of light-duty trucks using internal combustion engines will be banned, and in 2040 it will be time to ban the sale of trucks with a permitted weight of more than 26 tons that use hydrocarbon fuels. Rail transport in the UK will switch to electric traction and hydrogen by 2050, in aviation this migration should take place ten years earlier.