NATO and the EU insist on more thorough tracking of weapons supplied to Ukraine.

On Thursday, the head of the Office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Andriy Ermak, proposed creating a special commission to track weapons received from Kyiv’s foreign allies.

Ermak made this proposal after there were signs of concern in a number of countries that some of the weapons could be stolen and taken out of Ukraine for sale on the black market.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Kyiv has been receiving increasingly sophisticated weapons from its foreign allies, including American mobile artillery missile systems.

However, this week the Financial Times newspaper, citing Western officials, reported that NATO and EU countries insist on more thorough tracking of weapons supplied to Ukraine.

“I want to propose to the people’s deputies to consider one important idea. Namely, the creation of a temporary special commission that will prepare and consider issues related to the control over the use of weapons received from our partners,” Ermak wrote in Telegram. – All received Western weapons are registered and sent to the front. Everything is clearly controlled, and now this process will become even more open.”

Ermak did not give details about the commission, but said that it should develop “an optimal model of parliamentary control over the use of weapons.”

“The parliament, as a legislative body, should be involved in controlling the defense assistance of the allies,” he said. “The issue of weapons is a priority for our country.”