Researchers have developed the Marlin-350 device: this is an underwater vehicle that searches for and destroys mines.

The autonomous apparatus “Marlin-350” was created by the company “Tethys Pro”. He can search for objects and inspect the bottom at a depth of up to 350 m. The length of the apparatus is 84 cm, width 59 cm and height 37 – cm. Weight – 50 kg, and the maximum speed of movement is 5 km / h.

There are six motors in the device, and you can also install an all-round sonar, multi-beam sonar, altimeter, video cameras and lighting devices, as well as various communication equipment.

The Russian Defense Ministry will equip the Marlin-350 minesweepers of all four fleets – the Northern, Pacific, Black Sea and Baltic. Robots will search for and destroy mines. They can use optical systems to detect a target at depth and install a subversive charge on it.

“Marlin-350” will help to cope with old rusted mines, which, due to corrosion, are in such a state that it is unsafe to lift them to the surface.

During World War II, the Germans planted several super-saturated minefields in the Gulf of Finland to isolate the Baltic Fleet in Kronstadt and Leningrad. Soviet sailors broke through and destroyed these barriers, but mines are still being found in the bay.