The UN Children’s Fund said that it will expand measures to provide assistance to Venezuela, which has suffered from the crisis.

UNICEF, which has been working in Venezuela for decades, expanded its activities last year by supplying more than 200 tons of medical supplies, food, water, and sanitation. To date, UNICEF estimates that 3, 2 million children need assistance. They need food, medical care and the opportunity to learn.
“We have opened offices on Venezuela’s border with Colombia and Brazil, – Paloma Escudero, UNICEF communications Director, told FreeNews. – Our goal in the coming months is to reach every child in need across the country.”

Fuel shortages affect access to food for some families, and the lack of spare parts creates problems for ambulances.

There is also an increase in some diseases, including diphtheria and measles. UNICEF is about to launch a major polio vaccination campaign.
All this costs money. Currently, UNICEF says that this year it needs 32 million dollars to continue the implementation of these programs, but, according to representatives of the organization, this figure will be revised upwards.