Unique Applications and Utilities to Check Your System Information

You may need to look at the characteristics of a personal computer or laptop in a variety of situations: when you need to find out what the graphics card is worth, increase the RAM or install drivers.

There are many ways to view information about components in detail, including this can be done without using third-party programs. However, in this article, it will be considered just free programs that allow you to find out the characteristics of the computer and provide this information conveniently and understandably.

Top Applications for Windows That Allow You to Check Full System Info

If you always want to be aware of the status of your PC, it makes sense to download programs for displaying information about the computer. Such specialized software will tell you about which processor your device has, what parameters the video card has, what the motherboard is, how much free cache there is, and other technical information.

Besides, you will be made available with such information as the temperature of various PC components, fan speed, voltage. Thanks to all this, you can react in time to any malfunctions in the system or replace a defective part. You will also get the opportunity to control some characteristics – for example, and you can set the speed of the cooler.


CPU-Z is a program that allows you to find out the correct information about the equipment used on the computer. You will find out detailed information about the manufacturer of the device parts – from the processor to the operating system you are using.

The program can display a detailed report on the installed operating system and DirectX. The information collected by the program will indicate the board manufacturer, BIOS manufacturer, BIOS version, chipset, and graphical interface. Using this utility, you can monitor the performance of internal computer equipment. This provides the opportunity for timely troubleshooting and error correction.

The interface of the program itself is quite simple and intuitive. Among the modes of operation of the program, there is a hidden option. Thus, the program will issue a ready-made report on the equipment used, while not occupying the desktop space.

Speccy Portable

Speccy Portable is an advanced tool for providing detailed information about the Windows system and the hardware installed on your computer. If you need to find out what is inside your computer, the Speccy utility will give you all the necessary information.

Speccy will give you detailed information about the operating system and each equipment on the computer, including the processor, motherboard, RAM, video card, hard drives, optical drives, sound devices. Also, Speccy provides temperature information for various components so that you can quickly determine the cause if a problem occurs.

At first glance, Speccy may seem like an application for system administrators and advanced users. This, of course, is true, but Speccy can also help ordinary users in their daily activities on the computer.

For example, if you need to add more RAM for your system, you can check how many memory slots there are on the computer and which memory is already installed. Then you can go and buy the right type of memory to add or replace what you already have.
The latest version allows users to review the full information about SSD.


AIDA64 is a powerful tool for diagnosing and testing a personal computer, created by the team of developers of the popular EVEREST product, and which is the next stage of its development. The program offers the user ample opportunities for overclocking and diagnosing the PC hardware component, stress testing, as well as monitoring temperature sensors. The program has a set of unique tests of the processor, RAM and hard drives (including solid-state).

The application supports more than 150 different devices, allowing using sensors to control the temperature, voltage and fan speed. Besides, with the help of a detailed analysis of a PC, the user can obtain detailed information both about the hardware (processor, motherboard, monitor and the entire video subsystem, disks, etc.), as well as about software, operating system, drivers, processes, hotfixes and etc.

Nowadays, it is possible to outline the benefits of this application:
Various OS performance tests are available;
Effective diagnostics of the motherboard, as well as the hardware and software of the PC;
FinalWire developer stably updates the program;
Investigation of problems associated with RAM and other computer system components;
The latest version of the program, endowed with support for Windows 10;


HWiNFO is free portable software that provides information about the devices installed in the system. The utility also allows you to measure the performance of each device and compare it with other computers.

It includes a software tool that allows testing all devices connected to a computer and measuring their performance, expressed using individual units (subsequently, this performance can be compared with similar indicators on other computers).

This application is also providing detailed information about all devices installed in the system. You can also get full details on hard drives (name, number of megabytes available for storage, interface through which the disk is connected to the motherboard), video adapter (name, type of graphic processor, available memory, etc.), RAM modules (volume, at what frequency is currently running, what timings are used), motherboard.

It features the availability of tools for updating the drivers installed in the system and BIOS version (an active Internet connection is required). After detecting all devices, HWiNFO can generate a report in one of 6 formats. Versions of the program designed to work both in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

SiSoftware Sandra Lite

A large number of programs of such a plan are offered for free use. One of the few programs that know how to display all the information about the system and provides a bunch of tests is SiSoftware Sandra Lite.

The whole program is divided into separate modules, each of which is responsible for its functions. It is possible to understand the entire variety of features offered since all modules are grouped into logical blocks, spaced into separate bookmarks.

All the information provided by the program is quite complete, for example, when testing a video card, several tests are performed at once: a test for rendering speed, a video adapter memory test, a test for the performance of the graphics processor, a video card throughput test.