Unknown Roman city with gold and jewels accidentally discovered in England

In England, anthropologists have discovered the ruins of a Roman settlement. The excavation site also contained traces of a large road, various coins and cosmetics.

A large ancient Roman trading settlement was found in England, UK, during routine earthworks for new high-speed rail lines.

Among the finds are more than 300 coins and jewels. Archaeologists also found glass vessels, decorative pottery and even traces of cosmetics. All this indicates a potentially wealthy ancient settlement. The area has already been described as a “significant archaeological site”. In total, archaeologists have found a village of 30 round houses, as well as a road – all built in the Iron Age. Then, thanks to the Romans, a city appeared on this site with stone buildings and new roads.

“This is by far one of the most impressive locations discovered by MOLA Headland Infrastructure,” MOLA site manager James West said in a statement. “The discovery of such a well-preserved and large Roman road, as well as so many high-quality finds, was extraordinary and tells us a lot about the people who lived here.”

Over the past 12 months, about 80 archaeologists from MOLA Headland Infrastructure (Museum of London Archeology), a consortium of British archeological companies, have been excavating an Iron Age village that has turned out to be a wealthy Roman trading town. The place where the archaeological site was found was not plowed for centuries, it was used as a pasture. They perfectly preserve ancient objects and artifacts. For example, thanks to livestock waste and special soil.

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